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PRESS - 2007

A Jewish Home Away From Home
By Brendan Bernhard
The New York Sun
November 30 - December 2, 2007

Family's tale recounts Libyan Jewish dispersion
By Danielle Berrin

Interviews: Jewish Tradition Lost in Libya
NPR News & Notes
November 27, 2007

Television Shows: The Last Jews of Libya
Star Magazine
December 10, 2007

The story of Jews driven from Europe...
November 28, 2007

Movie Review: The Last Jews of Libya at the Jerusalem International Film Festival
Written by Judy Lash Balint
Published July 06, 2007

Investing in a Heritage
Investment Dealers' Digest Magazine
May 14, 2007

Tribeca Film Festival Pick

Banker's Film Saga
New York Post - April 22, 2007

"'The Last Jews of Libya' is a fantastic documentary that in the end made me realize how lucky I was to be born in America"
-Michael Eisner, former Disney CEO
New York Post - April 22, 2007

The Tribe At Tribeca
The Jewish Week - April 27, 2007

Manhattan Movie Magazine

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